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The team at Wimbledon Chiropractic Clinic

I had been very fortunate all my life with my health so was very puzzled in 2007, when I started to have painful symptoms in my neck and persistent numbness in my fingers. As my doctor was less than helpful, I decided to call in at the local chiropractor. At that point, I was having difficulty doing up buttons and was feeling quite gloomy about just how much worse things might get. Thanks to Karen’s professional approach, I could immediately arrange for a set of X-Rays and understand that I had a ‘wear and tear’ problem, reducing the available space in the cervical spine … and leading to referred pain and/ or numbness from the restrictive effect on the nerves passing through that area.

I had been little nervous to go to China in 2007 as my trip would involve some travel on local unmade roads with quite a lot of bouncing around – but all was well, thanks to Karen’s skilful care and helpful advice on keeping the muscle groups supple. Since then, I’ve managed an extended overland trip from Kenya to South Africa, camping every night and travelling on some very bouncy, unpaved roads… I can still go skiing and hiking … I have been canyoning and parachuting for the first time – and although I have had an occasional twinge, the last six years have been virtually pain-free…. and no further problems with buttons! Sitting too long in front of a computer screen or in a car – and letting my muscles go rigid – has been my riskiest behaviour.

I am so very pleased that I took a chance and called in to see Karen or the last six years might have been very different.

Florence Stark

I am a self-employed decorator and joinery repair specialist and during the course of my work I am continually compromising my back and shoulders.

Karen will assess and treat any other ailments I may be suffering from during my treatment session. I have often had problems with my hands or my dodgy knee and she is always on hand to give advice on new exercises that I could do to help. Karen has also used western acupuncture on my lower back when needed. Karen has enabled me to work with confidence and has helped strengthen my back so that when I do over do it…recovery has been swift which certainly wasn’t the case before, I would suffer acute back pain and think I would have to live with it! Which now I know was completely unnecessary. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Karen’s services and have benefited from her profound knowledge and experience; she is also a charming person.

Juian Hills

Lewes, Sussex

Karen is excellent! Right from the start she took great care in diagnosing and treating a number of painful and annoying problems – some of which I didn’t realise a chiropractor could fix! Initial repair work was followed by regular preventative sessions and this, along with a very sensible referral by Karen to a local gym for some core stability ‘rehabilitation’, has made such a massive difference. Within weeks I was back up to full speed racing my sailing boat. Karen has also fixed a dodgy shoulder following a spectacular tumble on the ski slopes (my wife doesn’t know about that!) and has really helped with my posture at work, both in the car and at my desk. I feel very fortunate to have booked that initial appointment with Karen who continues to take great care with making sure everything works how it should. I feel better after every appointment; her advice, her skill, her ability to explain everything and her friendly manner – I would not go anywhere else.
Andy Course


The treatment which I received form Karen has improved my quality of life. At a young age I was experiencing severe back pain that was restricting my movement. In my first consultation with Karen I described how I had difficulty standing, going shopping or clubbing without finding that within about half an hour I needed to sit down. Karen has provided me with treatment (including chiropractic and acupuncture), knowledge and exercises, which has enabled me to stabilise and maintain my condition. The acupuncture I received was the first time I had this treatment and found that it gave an immediate and great release to the areas of pain.

I am now able to carry out a normal life, I am not troubled by severe back pain, whilst maintaining my condition through maintenance appointments and exercise. If there are occasions where I have a flare up and find I am experiencing some discomfort, Karen is always there giving me advise on things I can do at home to help reduce the pain and if this does not help, or I feel I need some reassurance, then I know she is always there to check things out!

Jo Chard

I have suffered from lower back pain for a number of years following a work related injury. Karen Waddington has treated me over the past 2 ½ years, when ever my lower back has given trouble. Karen’s treatment involved adjustments, massage, heat treatment and recently acupuncture, which I have found extremely helpful in relieving muscle pain & spasms. I have always found that Karen offers a friendly, caring & professional service and have recommended her too many of my friends who are looking for a chiropractor. Following treatment by her I am able to continue in my work as a service engineer the following day. 
Nick Smith

Having suffered with neck and back pain as well as migraines for quite a while, I went to see Karen who immediately made me feel positive that something could be done about it. My pain, spasms and migraines have now reduced significantly, and if they do crop up again, I book to see Karen and her chiropractic treatment and/ or acupuncture immediately release the pain and tension. Karen is extremely professional and knowledgeable in her field and makes you feel very comfortable in her care. I am just so glad that I found someone who I know I can trust and have the confidence in to sort me out when needed! 
Stacey-Marie Chalk

I am a 70 year old woman and have been seeing Karen for neck and shoulder pain. Having had excellent treatment and advise from Karen I was free from pain and discomfort in a very short time. I now visit Karen for maintenance treatment in order to keep my body in good shape. It is a pleasure to be treated by such a pleasant and caring young woman.
Ena Withers

During my second pregnancy was diagnosed with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), this is very painful condition and affects your pelvis, lower back and legs. I was told by a physiotherapist this would only get worse as the pregnancy progressed, and they could only offer me crutches then a wheelchair in the later stages.

A friend recommended me to Karen. Karen made me feel really comfortable, she understood my condition and the pain I was suffering. She explained why I had the condition and how I could manage it with treatments with her, doing certain exercises and correcting my posture. I saw Karen throughout my pregnancy, I could feel the benefits of her work almost immediately. After each treatment the pain became less and less and I was able to do things I couldn’t do before without extreme pain, such as getting in and out of bed or climbing the stairs.

If it was not for Karen, my pregnancy would have been unbearable. I thank her so much for what she did for me.

Heather Deacon