About Chiropractic

A profession concerned with the bones, joints, muscles and soft tissue


The word “Chiropractic” comes from ancient Greek and means, “done by hand.”

Chiropractic is now the third largest healing profession in the western world after medicine and dentistry. Chiropractors are health professionals concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of muscle and joint injuries. Chiropractors are specialists in manual adjustment of the vertebrae of the spine and other joints. Adjustments help relieve pain and restore normal functioning to the spine, joints and supporting structures of the body.

Chiropractors are also trained to prescribe therapeutic exercise, nutritional counseling, and recommend rehabilitation and injury prevention strategies.


On your first visit to Wimbledon Chiropractic Clinic you will be asked to fill out a form with your personal details, your past medical history and your presenting complaint. Your Chiropractor will then take a detailed case history and discuss with you your presenting complaint and your medical history. Your details are confidential and no one else can see your notes without your prior consent. If chiropractic appears not to be suitable for you, then you will be referred to your GP or another appropriate specialist.

Your chiropractor will then perform a series of chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological tests in order to assess your joints, nerves and muscles. It may be necessary to examine other systems such as your heart, lungs and abdomen to rule out other causes of your problem. Your chiropractor is trained and qualified to take and interpret x-rays, if x-rays or an MRI is necessary, to assist in your diagnosis, then you can be referred to your local hospital or through your general practitioner for these investigations.

Following this examination your chiropractor will assemble your examination findings to produce a full diagnosis and treatment plan; known as a Report of Findings, in this your diagnosis will be explained. You will be advised how many treatments you will need and what the costs are likely to be. Treatment may be given on the first visit, dependant on whether x-rays or further investigations are necessary. Advice to help minimise your pain severity and accelerate your recovery will be discussed.


At the Wimbledon Chiropractic Clinic, there are three phases to your care;

Phase 1
Manual Therapy – Involving precise gentle manipulation, called an ‘adjustment’, of the spine or other joints, mobilization techniques, soft tissue work (massage, trigger point therapy, stretching etc), dry needling (Western Acupuncture) and Cryotherapy (heat and ice treatments). Refer to FAQ’s page

Phase 2
Exercise – Preventative, rehabilitative, postural and general.

Phase 3
Patient Advice – Postural correction, Diet and Lifestyle.

At the Wimbledon Chiropractic Clinic, we believe that treatment is very much a partnership between you and your chiropractor and therefore if you are unsure or not happy with a particular treatment technique please inform your chiropractor who can put you at ease or modify the treatment accordingly.