Chiropractor treatment for sports injuries

Get help with pain from sports injuries

In this day and age no one can deny the benefits of regular exercise. Today more people are participating in some form of sporting activity than ever before. This does mean that injuries occur more commonly as well. There are two main categories of sports injuries: overuse and acute trauma.

Overuse injuries are injuries caused by an increased demand on tissues. When muscles, joints and ligaments are asked to do more work, the tissues need to adapt. When there is not enough time for this adaptation, minor injuries can occur. This damage can build up with repeated exercise because the tissues do not get enough time to rest.

New shoes, poor technique or simply increasing exercise can set off the chain reaction, leading to injury. The recovery can be long and might require you to stop training for a while. No wonder that recently the focus of treatment of overuse injury has switched to prevention.

Chiropractic and ART [add link?] can help in both prevention and treatment of sports injuries. And it is not just for the elite athlete, everyone can benefit from having their body and movements looked at, whether you go on long walks on a Sunday afternoon or regularly do 3 hour triathlons.